"Write it as Failure, Read it as Experience"

Monday, 28 December 2009

Hey all, this festtive season has left me so busy I've almost left this blog to die, I do apologise. But I will be back very soon with a few updates, hauls and reviews that are more than overdue.

Coming soon:

Collective E.L.F haul including reviews
Current skin care regime
More random ramblings

And hopefully including some interesting finds from the shopping I will be doing over the next couple of days ^^

But for now, I hope all have had a smashing Christmas. Lets all look forward to welcoming 2010!

P.S Wrap up and keep warm!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free standard delivery on all UK MAC orders until midnight Saturday. Enter 'FREESHIP09' at checkout.

Team HP!

Warning! Geek alert!!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The wait is over, I was over excited when I got my hands on a copy of the DVD when it was released in-stores on Monday 7th December 2009. As mentioned before, I have never watched any of the Harry Potter movies in cinema because I wait for the DVD release. I love my subtitles (I like to every word being said in such films).

I have just finished watching it *claps admirably* It exceeded my expectations and has got me wanting more! I have the urge the grab the last book and read it again just to remind myself of what happens next (but I won't as I need to finish other books). HP films are always as good as the book compared to other films that were recreated from books. For example (of ones I have seen), Twilight series, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Agree?

I won't spoil it for anyone but would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of watching it, of course it would make more sense if you have seen the previous ones.
I purchased mine from Asda priced at £6.71 for a 2 Disc Edition!! I have no idea why it is so cheap because I remember the others costing much more than that on release but I am not one to complain ^^

Thursday, 3 December 2009

December Rambles

NDS Crime Scenes
Haii, been sooo hooked onto this game for the past couple of days but have already completed it. They need to make these games last a lot longer. Once I start these mystery/puzzle games I literally don't stop (well until I complete it). On the hunt for another game, any recommendations?

December has approached us and its only occurred to me that there is like 28 days to go before we wave goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010. Not quite ready for it yet, feels like the year as flown past without any accomplishments. Definitely did not keep to any of my new years resolutions for 2009, shamefully. Now 2010 is approaching I'm starting to think of resolutions that are more realistic.

Has anyone managed to achieve any resolutions they made at the beginning of the year and are there any you look forward to making for 2010?

First attempt at making sushi.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Up to 25% off at House of Fraser for 2 days in-store and online *terms and conditions apply* check online or ask in-store for more details.

Christmas Comes Early Promotion
20% off at Selfridges from 26th-29th November in-store only *exclusions apply, click links below for more details or ask in-store*

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mid November Haul

Anyone else loving 'Wedding Dress' By Taeyang ^_^
Congrats to 2pm for grabbing Best male group and Artist of the Year at MAMA 2009. Need to locate where to watch all the performances.

Moving on, it has been a while since the last blogpost having being busy sorting parts of my life out but that has never stopped me from abit of retail therapy. So lets start off with cosmetics first:

Sleek palette in Graphite - I loving the dark smokey colours and was lucky enough to grab the last one on the shelf (in perfect condition too), they are selling out quicker than I expected. Although these produce loads of fall outs, the colour is really pigmented as expected like their other palettes. I also got the 'Acid' and 'Original' palettes from when they first launched.

Next I got hold of a Collection 2000 'Angelic' eye palette. I've always been a sucker for product packaging and just this just caught my eye. I swatched the colours in store and was surprised at how pigmented the eye shadows were. They are light shimmery colours, easy to work with.

I found a £5 off No7 voucher from Boots which was expiring the next day so decided to not waste it and get something. I spent ages trying to choose something that I don't have and will use. I ended up with the 'Shine Free' make-up base, it claims:

'Keeps shiny skin under control all day long, with this mattifying oil-free base. Light-reflecting particles help disguise fine lines and flws, while oil absorbing Biopol helps minimise blemishes and blot away shine without blocking pores'

Sounds amazing right? Well I've only used it a couple times and it does give a matte base to work with but it doesnt last long. I definitely wont be repurchasing.
I've tried my mum's Olay moisturiser which she has been using since forever and I really liked it so I ended up getting one for myself as I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser. It instantly absorbs into my skin without leaving it greasy. *thumbs up*

In this months Glamour magazine they were giving away nail polish by Nails Inc. I have previously heard great reviews about this brand so picked up my monthly copy of Glamour containing the polish in 'Elizabeth Street' which is a pale nude pink. The outer packaging is really cute ^^

I also ordered some stuff from e.l.f as they have launched more products in both their normal and studio lines but will put them in a different pot as I havent taken any pictures or swatched them yet.

Onto non-cosmeitc related items, nothing special in particular. As pictured, Grey cardi Uggs (gift), some ankle trainer-shoes (not sure if I'll be keeping these, think it was just an impulse buy), 2 snoods (these are so chunky and warm) and lint rolls (a must for pet owners) from h&m and a bracelet from Strawberry Bunny (the 3 stars caught my eye because of my tattoo).

Thursday, 5 November 2009

To-do//Wish List...?

  • A trim or new haircut, its been exactly 6months since I last cut my hair and the longest part has actually reached my hip! :s
  • A new big bag, its time for current one to retire to the back of the closet
  • Ear muffs!!, I cant remember the last time I owned one
  • Wayfarers in red black and maybe yellow(?), for fashion purposes of course ^^
  • Book for an eye test, I could swear my sight has worsened as current specs dont seem as clear..? :s
  • More hats, its winter, one can't have 'too many' ;)
  • Harry Potter dvd, 7th Dec!
  • New boots, just because..
  • Additions to winter wardrobe, its looking a tad depressing compared to the summer side lol
  • MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief..yes?

To be continued ^^ ......

Monday, 2 November 2009

Mundane Monday

The UK weather has recently taken a dramatic change, now it really feels like winter is here. Due to these changes my nails are suffering, they are either dry, chipping or even worse splitting. So I've decided to give them a trim and even them out. Does anyone know off a good treatment/conditioner for nail?

I've been getting abit bored of monotone looking nails so played around with some of the limited stash of polishes I currently own (reminding myself that I must get more colours). I went for white polka dots this time as you could see (multi coloured dots on the thumb, not pictured)

Off to finish reading 'New Moon'. Anyone else looking forward to the movie? I certainly am ^^

Coffee sends his greetings,
He doesn't like fireworks and barks crazily when they go off. Same time. Different Year.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Glam Show && More Goodies

Listening to: Big Bang - Let me hear your voice

As mentioned before, the day of The Glam Show had finally arrived yesterday. As planned I wanted to get her early to make the most of my time there as I was paying £25 entry. How disappointed was I when I saw the kind of concession stands they had there. Very few and not much on offer. I read online beforehand that there will be free skin consultations at the show, but it was mainly aimed at ageing skin (pointless to me at this point).
The only thing that made me feel better about the entry fee was the fashion show. I really enjoyed it and saw a few clothing garments that had sparked some ideas I want to work on. Photos from the fashion show of some pieces that I personally liked are posted at the end of this entry.

I purchased a pair of cosmetic contact lens and a photo shooting session which I will be giving to my friend as a birthday present costing £30 oppose to £200+, this package includes manicure, facial+make-up, hair styling complimentary unlimited champagne and a free portrait photo on CD to take home.

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (from their Style Black collection)

I've been looking all over for this product like forever as it has been sold out in many of their stores (well at my locals ones anyways). Fortunately I heard that Selfridges still had some in stock so I went straight onto the phone to a friend who works there to pick me up 2 tubes. yay. I think they still have it available online, but I just couldn't justify the cost of postage, plus with the on-going postal strikes.

After hearing such great reviews about it, I knew I just couldn't miss out. I tried it on my hand while in the shop and my gosh was I amazed. It instantly left my hand feeling really soft and smooth. At first the chunky sugar crystals scared me as I thought it was going to be too harsh on my face but to my surprise it wasn't. The crystals will eventually dissolve after a minute or so, which I must say is excellent as it allows you to know when its time to rinse it off. It doesn't have an over powering scent which is great. Only downside is that it can get abit messy if using it over the wash basin but that's nothing to complain about when the results is this good. I would definitely recommend.
As it is a limited discontinued product I got 2 tubes, at 100ml each I have enough to last me a long time. But I really do hope MAC, in the near future, decide to continue this great product because I know many others and myself would be returning for more. I also got a few more eyeshadows in Beautiful Iris, Concrete, Goldmine and Silver Ring.

Lastly, my mum's friend just came back from China/Hong Kong recently and I didn't know my mum had asked her to buy this product for me. Its all in chinese so I don't know the name of it (being an ashamedly poor reader of the language).
I've always wanted a paler face complexion as from my neck upwards is a lot darker than the rest of my body. Plus paler skin makes one look younger and gives a fresh and clean appearance which is why I dislike the summer and always try to avoid the sun's uv rays as much as I can. Sometime last year I realised my mum's face/complexion was getting lighter and this was the product she was using.
Its a three step process which consist of a day cream/moisturiser, a pearl powder cream (pearl powder is known to having whitening properties) which is used after the day cream and then the night cream which is of an oilier consistency.
I have been using this for a few days now and although I haven't seen any whitening effects yet, I have noticed a change in my overall complexion. Its still early days so as long as I don't get any bad reactions from this I will keep using it for another month or 2 and see how things will turn out. Also, look how pretty the packaging is ^^

Lastly, my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner today and she had a little gift for me. After hearing great reviews and bro's gf rave about how good Majorlica Majorca mascara (by Shiseido) is, I kept going on about wanting to try it out aswel. So she gave me one in 'Lash gorgeous wing' (I think that's what its called), I will be trying it out and if its as good as it claims I shall be getting my friend to get me more when he goes to HK soon as it is not available in UK and abit too pricey online.

Pictures from fashion show: (will enlarge pictures and upload some videos when I have the time)

Oh yeah, I also saw Nicky Hambleton-Jones there. I actually walked past her several times not realising it was her. She looks so much prettier and younger in person and might I add looking quite heavily pregnant aswel.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Girly Chats and Weird Guy

Listening to: Secret - I want you back

Went to meet my friend today to give her birthday present as she was busy working on the actual day. It was suppose to be with a few more other friends but they all couldnt make it and only decided to inform at the very last minute which I found really rude.

Anywho, the important thing is that I didnt let my friend down but she did feel abit upset about it. Instead of going for a meal as planned we went to a local bar and sat there chatting away as it had been a good 2months since I last saw her. A much need catch up was called for and thats what we did.
Halfway through our conversation a guy came and sat at the next table and just kept staring at us. Normal situation, but the weird thing was he was staring so intensely whilst creepily apply lip balm! I'm sure it was a good 10mins worth of application. Lols. Then he came over and started a conversation over his hair, with us being/speaking chinese, we told each other to hurry with drinks and move on to another table.

Just a weird day I wanted to share hehe. But definitely a nice day with my girl and hope she had a laugh =]

Monday, 26 October 2009

Packages Galore :D

Listening to: Park Bom - You and I

Don't we just love it when we receive expecting packages. After the whole Royal Mail strike last week, mail was being delayed and I was not a happy bunny. But then Monday came and they just came swarming in.

So lets get started on the packages.

I ordered some Laneige products after hearing some good reviews from various people, of course also from Bubzbeauty and Moonbeamstarlight who higly recommends. So what did I get?.

Laneige Multi Cleanser 180ml - For all skin types:
(Laneige claims)
- A new 3-in-1 cleanser functioning as makeup remover + foam cleanser + super fine scrub.

- Ultra fine particles containing 100μm Micro cellulose beads completely remove the makeup residue.

- AHA mixtures extracted from 5 plants (orange, lemon, bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple) keep your skin elastic, and ivy extracts and vitamin E agent purifies skin impurities.

Laneige Pore Trouble Skin Refiner 160ml - For all skin types:
(Laneige claims)
- The Trouble Care Skin Toner is specially formulated for strengthening skin pore health. When applied, it leaves a smooth and fresh feeling without any stickiness.

- Removes excessive corneous skin dead cells and prevents keratinization, resulting in a smoother and cleaner skin.

- Contains salicylic acid and triclosan, which help prevent skin problems by removing excessive sebum and corneous skin dead cells, thus cleansing the skin pores.

- Contains tea tree oil, licorice extract, raspberry extract, clove extract and parsley extract, which help suppress and relieve skin problems.

- Contains natural Lactobacillus extract which helps balance PH values and strengthen immune system of skin pores, thus improving adult skin problems caused by factors such as hormone imbalance and air pollution.

I've yet to try these products but I am looking forward to it as soon as I finish using my current products. Might not be able to tell from the pictures but these products are huge, will be lasting me a very long time. I ordered these online from a korean seller who was also kind enough to throw in a couple of samples, yay me =] A bottle of Laneige lip and eye make up cleaner and a sachet of Skin Food Orange and Mint Body Essence.

Moving on, I also received some DVD's box sets I brought off ebay for a very, very good price. As most would know, I love my Korean Dramas so when I came across a seller who put up for auction 6 titles at a starting bid of 99p I just had to get my bidding fingers ready. I won and was impressed at how fast it had arrived as the seller decided to use a different courier due to the royal mail strikes.

I dont know how popular these are but I saw some guru's on youtube using them and thought they quite funky so got my hands on some too. These Velcro hair sheets just simply helps to keep hair out of the face by sweeping the hair back and placing it on top, no clipping or gripping. Very handy for when applying skincare or make up. (May not work too well with thicker hair, like mine)
Then there is the Facial hair removal spring wand. After watching the review from pursebuzz I went on the hunt for one as she made it seem painless. Verdict, it works really well and is painfree (maybe after the 1st couple of uses for some who are more sensitive). Would chose this method over tweezing any day.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Its just dragging now (movies)

How shocked was I when I first saw the trailer to Saw 6?! Very! I seriously thought it was stopping at 5. I don't really want to watch it but having watched the rest already I feel like I MUST watch this one.

1 and 2 was good, 3 was just excellently gruesome, 4 just couldn't compare to the previous and was somewhat starting to get boring(?).

Saw5 was just plain crap, my mind was literally drifting off elsewhere and I could have sworn that I fell asleep with my eyes open for a few seconds lols. After so many previous ones it just seemed like it was repeating itself and I felt like I was able to guess what happens and how things end. I'll just have to wait for Saw6, definitely not anticipating.

Like the sequels to Final Destination and Fast&Furious. Couldn't these producers put the money to good use and come out with something new and refreshing?

One film I'm looking forward to is New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. I am currently trying to finish reading the book before the launch of the film. I loved Twilight which was in cinemas last year. After having recently reading the book, I was somewhat disappointed only that they could have add more into the film from the book. But Robert Pattison was just yum ^^

Oh oh and Alice in wonderland. Need I say more? Hehe.

I want to watch The imaginarium of doctor parnassus? Anyone seen it yet and would recommend? Johnny Depp never disappoints =]

Also still need to watch Harry Potter. It is one movie I'll never watch in cinema because I know for sure I'll be getting it on DVD, so that'll go on the shopping list.
Anyways thats just a 'little' movie rant I wanted to share.

Its been a long time

Listening to: G-Dragon - Heartbreaker & AJ - Wipe the tears

Wow, its been nearly two months since my last blog entry since having my internet changeover. During that time, I've been busy sorting out my room since my brother has moved out and I've taken his room. I've never realised how much junk I had until moving day! I was more shocked about the fact that everything was able to fit in my old room (as it is smaller than my current). Finally everything is now in place (except for one little box of stuff that I haven't find a place for).

Especially loving my vanity table/area which I customised. (see picture below)

Everything was purchased from Ikea. I still need some ideas of how to customise my mirror as it looks too plain, was thinking of rhinestones all around the edge..? The table is actually a laptop desk that could slide out to reveal a little compartment underneath with holes in it to put your laptop cables and what-nots through to reach power sockets. Not too clear in the picture but that's where I store my ghd and dryers. Convenient, yes? ^^

On top I just store hair stuff, perfumes and everyday cosmetics. (Bit of a mess after rushing out this morning)

Anyways enough about that, I've done abit of shopping over the time I was away from the virtual world.

Firstly, I went into MAC (as we do) and grabbed myself 2 eyeshadows in Hush which is a pearly pink and Satin Taupe which is like a silvery bronze brown. These are my first ever MAC shadows that I brought myself, there were so many to choose from, I wanted them all!! LOLs.

Next I brought 2 lipsticks in Hue and Snob. I'm not a pink person but I like these colours.

Need to make another trip to MAC, Nude Rose in the Dsquared2 is eye-catching and there are hot reviews on the Style black Volcanic ash exfoliator and thermal mask, very tempting.

Moving on from make-up, while shopping I picked up a few of these from Dorothy Perkins. They are versatile accessories, can be used as neck ties, wristbands or headbands and I just decided to pick up all the colours I saw. A guilty purchase, as they cost £9 each =S.

I also saw this watches in Argos and just had to get my hands on them. Priced at £9.99 I'll say that's a bargain. There are about 6 colours(?) but I only got the black and white one as pictured. These give my more expensive watches a break after I made a noticeable scratch on one ='[.
They look quite similar to the Chanel J12 watch but Chanel J12 is just out of my league and wont be able to talk myself into spending that much on a watch anyways, unless I win the lottory! =D

I really hate Royal Mail and their continuous strikes, it messes up everything (in terms of mail). Well I went to the delivery office this morning to sign for a recorded letter that I missed, couldn't think of what it could have been. I opened it to find out it was my tickets to 'The Glam Show' woohoo!! Can't wait to go to it next weekend. Its a fashion/beauty exhibition/show in associations with Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who will be there to give tips and advice. Sounds like its going to be alot of fun. Have you got yours? ^^

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Boohoo! MIA

Internet will be down for at least two weeks, will be back soon.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Current Loves

Listening to: 2NE1 - I Don't Care (Unplugged ver.)

Saw this tag going around and thought it'll be fun to do it aswel, so here is a list of products I'm currently using and loving;

Shampoo: Herbal Essence - (Love the smell)

Conditioner: Herbal Essence

Styling products: None, I don't like using products in my hair

Shower Gel: Radox Shower Smoothies (smells good enough to drink)

Body moisturiser: St Ives Body Lotion

Deodorant: Adidas in Fresh

Fake Tan: None, never used any before plus I love a paler complexion

Cleanser: MAC Cleansing Oil to remove the make up followd by Superdrug Clarity cleansing range.

Exfoliator: Neutrogena pure glow warming scrub

Primer: GOSH Velve Touch or Stila Tinted moisturiser

Foundation brush: Before it was GOSH/The Body Shop foundation brush but now I'm loving the ELF Studio Powder Brush.

Concealer: ELF Tone correcting concealer and MAC Studio Sculpt

Powder: MAC MSF Natural

Blusher: Avon Pressed Powder in Arabian Glow

Bronzer: None atm

Highlighter: Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: 88 colours palette / Avon Neutral Quad

Eyeliner: GOSH Velvet Touch, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack for upper lash line

Curler: ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Mascara: Maybelline Define A Lash, Colossal and Stiletto

Lipstick: Revlon Nude Attitude / MAC Lustre in A Rose Romance

Lipgloss: ELF Super glossy lipshine in Pink Kiss

Nail Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Button Moon

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Overdued Update.. + E.L.F Haul

Listening to: G Dragon - Heartbreaker

Its been over 2 weeks since I last made a blogpost. August has been such a busy month but I have finally found some time to reconnect with my blog again hehe. So many birthdays this month its starting to burn a big hole in my pockets, cant wait to go back to studying and getting paid to do so lols.

I've been to Ikea a couple times this month to see if I could find my green bed but nothing, but I saw a potential bed that I could paint green. I think I'm starting to like the idea of painting than to look for one that is already green. Looking at TwinY's blog (www.pinky-x.blogspot.com), I'm so loving the wall sticker idea and will start looking around online for some myself ^^.

Anyways, all that aside, lets get back to the main topic. I finally placed my order with elf last week as they were doing a £5 off £25 spend. I cant rave about the delievery service they provide enough because everytime I place my order before 5pm I am sure to recieve the package the very next morning, happy happy hehe.

So as mentioned previously I have been waiting for elf's studio line to launch because I've heard excellent reviews about it and just had to get my hands on some. I adore the packaging for the studio line, they seem more professional and the big mirrors inside the compacts makes it easier to apply the products:

. elf studio powder brush - I've heard so much about the powder brush and have seen many use it for foundation so I'm going to give that a try.

. tone correcting concealer in light - I love their tone correcting concealer, I only use it to conceal my dark circles and it just melts into the skin giving excellent coverage I've used my first one so purchased another

. studio mini eyelash curler - I love their reuglar eyelash curlers so thought I'll try this mini one and it really does make a difference, now I can curl every lash and make my my eyes seem bigger.

. mineral lipstick in nicely nude - I have other colours but was waiting for this one because I love nudes. It's more of a natural pink than a nude in my opinion but its nice.

. studio brow kit in dark - I'm loving this! I've been using it everyday now and the colour is just spot on! very natural =]

. studio waterproof lengthening and volumising mascara in black - This mascara doesn't really make a difference to my lashes but it does make a good primer for when I apply my other mascara as it nicely separates each lash. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this again.

. nail polish in mod mauve and nude - I was contemplating about getting more elf nail polishes and previous purchases were abit of a let down. But I must say these two colours are lovely especially the nude one as it looks natural on its own and makes a great base for doing french tips.

Finally are the face compacts that were the main reason I was looking forward to the launch of the studio line.

(top, L-R)
. studio blush and bronzer compact - Love the colours, very pigmented and natural and very easy to work with. The bronzer is also great for contouring/defining the cheek bones. The blush gives off a natural pink flush to the cheeks. The compact is bigger than I expected so for £3.50 its a great buy for quality and quantity.

. studio complexion perfect compact - I haven't tried this yet but will do when I find out how to use it.

(bottom, L-R)
. Bronzer compacts in golden and warm - I also havent had the chance to try these out yet but judging from the blush and bronzer compact I'm sure I'll love these ^^.

Thats the end of my elf haul. Update on current faves coming up next. =]

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Green, Green and more Green

Currently Listening to: FT Island - Bad Woman

My love for the colour green.

Just a random picture post of my much loved green belongings.

L-R: NDS Lite; SE K660i; iPod Nano 3rd Gen; iPod Shuffle; Sony T2 Digicam (not pictured)

1st up would be my must haves&can't live without gadgets. Oh and my huggable pillow also pictured ^^.

Right picture, my quite messy desk. Featuring; laptop, pc, gadgets, cooling fridge, mostly used cosmetics && currently reading 'Wicked'

Left Picture, green wall, perfume shelf and also caught in the picture my Samsung tv that matches my pc monitor ^^

Green Blinds, on my yellow window wall (not so clear), I've had them for almost a year and my dad finally decided to help me put them up 3days ago haha!.

Last, but definitely not least, my green desk chair from ikea.

Sad Times:

I loveeeeee my NDS Lite. But a week ago a terrible unfortunate incident happened.
As much as I tried to hide it everytime my 1 particular 3 year old cousin comes over, I accidentally let my guards down and he got hold of it witout me knowing.

When I got it back I flipped it open and realised something wasnt right, to my horror a piece had broken off from the hinge area (as pictured in 1 and 2). So now the top screen is really loose and usually it would stand at an angle but it opens flat out (last picture on right).

Its going to fly to Hong Kong next month for fixing, but if they cant fix it I'll just have to buy another. I hope they cme out with a green NDSi otherwise I'll have to buy the exact same one to the above again. (fingers crossed)

Thats the end to my rambling for today, now I'm ready to go out and do some 'window' shopping. ;]