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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Girly Chats and Weird Guy

Listening to: Secret - I want you back

Went to meet my friend today to give her birthday present as she was busy working on the actual day. It was suppose to be with a few more other friends but they all couldnt make it and only decided to inform at the very last minute which I found really rude.

Anywho, the important thing is that I didnt let my friend down but she did feel abit upset about it. Instead of going for a meal as planned we went to a local bar and sat there chatting away as it had been a good 2months since I last saw her. A much need catch up was called for and thats what we did.
Halfway through our conversation a guy came and sat at the next table and just kept staring at us. Normal situation, but the weird thing was he was staring so intensely whilst creepily apply lip balm! I'm sure it was a good 10mins worth of application. Lols. Then he came over and started a conversation over his hair, with us being/speaking chinese, we told each other to hurry with drinks and move on to another table.

Just a weird day I wanted to share hehe. But definitely a nice day with my girl and hope she had a laugh =]

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