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Thursday, 26 November 2009


Up to 25% off at House of Fraser for 2 days in-store and online *terms and conditions apply* check online or ask in-store for more details.

Christmas Comes Early Promotion
20% off at Selfridges from 26th-29th November in-store only *exclusions apply, click links below for more details or ask in-store*

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mid November Haul

Anyone else loving 'Wedding Dress' By Taeyang ^_^
Congrats to 2pm for grabbing Best male group and Artist of the Year at MAMA 2009. Need to locate where to watch all the performances.

Moving on, it has been a while since the last blogpost having being busy sorting parts of my life out but that has never stopped me from abit of retail therapy. So lets start off with cosmetics first:

Sleek palette in Graphite - I loving the dark smokey colours and was lucky enough to grab the last one on the shelf (in perfect condition too), they are selling out quicker than I expected. Although these produce loads of fall outs, the colour is really pigmented as expected like their other palettes. I also got the 'Acid' and 'Original' palettes from when they first launched.

Next I got hold of a Collection 2000 'Angelic' eye palette. I've always been a sucker for product packaging and just this just caught my eye. I swatched the colours in store and was surprised at how pigmented the eye shadows were. They are light shimmery colours, easy to work with.

I found a £5 off No7 voucher from Boots which was expiring the next day so decided to not waste it and get something. I spent ages trying to choose something that I don't have and will use. I ended up with the 'Shine Free' make-up base, it claims:

'Keeps shiny skin under control all day long, with this mattifying oil-free base. Light-reflecting particles help disguise fine lines and flws, while oil absorbing Biopol helps minimise blemishes and blot away shine without blocking pores'

Sounds amazing right? Well I've only used it a couple times and it does give a matte base to work with but it doesnt last long. I definitely wont be repurchasing.
I've tried my mum's Olay moisturiser which she has been using since forever and I really liked it so I ended up getting one for myself as I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser. It instantly absorbs into my skin without leaving it greasy. *thumbs up*

In this months Glamour magazine they were giving away nail polish by Nails Inc. I have previously heard great reviews about this brand so picked up my monthly copy of Glamour containing the polish in 'Elizabeth Street' which is a pale nude pink. The outer packaging is really cute ^^

I also ordered some stuff from e.l.f as they have launched more products in both their normal and studio lines but will put them in a different pot as I havent taken any pictures or swatched them yet.

Onto non-cosmeitc related items, nothing special in particular. As pictured, Grey cardi Uggs (gift), some ankle trainer-shoes (not sure if I'll be keeping these, think it was just an impulse buy), 2 snoods (these are so chunky and warm) and lint rolls (a must for pet owners) from h&m and a bracelet from Strawberry Bunny (the 3 stars caught my eye because of my tattoo).

Thursday, 5 November 2009

To-do//Wish List...?

  • A trim or new haircut, its been exactly 6months since I last cut my hair and the longest part has actually reached my hip! :s
  • A new big bag, its time for current one to retire to the back of the closet
  • Ear muffs!!, I cant remember the last time I owned one
  • Wayfarers in red black and maybe yellow(?), for fashion purposes of course ^^
  • Book for an eye test, I could swear my sight has worsened as current specs dont seem as clear..? :s
  • More hats, its winter, one can't have 'too many' ;)
  • Harry Potter dvd, 7th Dec!
  • New boots, just because..
  • Additions to winter wardrobe, its looking a tad depressing compared to the summer side lol
  • MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief..yes?

To be continued ^^ ......

Monday, 2 November 2009

Mundane Monday

The UK weather has recently taken a dramatic change, now it really feels like winter is here. Due to these changes my nails are suffering, they are either dry, chipping or even worse splitting. So I've decided to give them a trim and even them out. Does anyone know off a good treatment/conditioner for nail?

I've been getting abit bored of monotone looking nails so played around with some of the limited stash of polishes I currently own (reminding myself that I must get more colours). I went for white polka dots this time as you could see (multi coloured dots on the thumb, not pictured)

Off to finish reading 'New Moon'. Anyone else looking forward to the movie? I certainly am ^^

Coffee sends his greetings,
He doesn't like fireworks and barks crazily when they go off. Same time. Different Year.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Glam Show && More Goodies

Listening to: Big Bang - Let me hear your voice

As mentioned before, the day of The Glam Show had finally arrived yesterday. As planned I wanted to get her early to make the most of my time there as I was paying £25 entry. How disappointed was I when I saw the kind of concession stands they had there. Very few and not much on offer. I read online beforehand that there will be free skin consultations at the show, but it was mainly aimed at ageing skin (pointless to me at this point).
The only thing that made me feel better about the entry fee was the fashion show. I really enjoyed it and saw a few clothing garments that had sparked some ideas I want to work on. Photos from the fashion show of some pieces that I personally liked are posted at the end of this entry.

I purchased a pair of cosmetic contact lens and a photo shooting session which I will be giving to my friend as a birthday present costing £30 oppose to £200+, this package includes manicure, facial+make-up, hair styling complimentary unlimited champagne and a free portrait photo on CD to take home.

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (from their Style Black collection)

I've been looking all over for this product like forever as it has been sold out in many of their stores (well at my locals ones anyways). Fortunately I heard that Selfridges still had some in stock so I went straight onto the phone to a friend who works there to pick me up 2 tubes. yay. I think they still have it available online, but I just couldn't justify the cost of postage, plus with the on-going postal strikes.

After hearing such great reviews about it, I knew I just couldn't miss out. I tried it on my hand while in the shop and my gosh was I amazed. It instantly left my hand feeling really soft and smooth. At first the chunky sugar crystals scared me as I thought it was going to be too harsh on my face but to my surprise it wasn't. The crystals will eventually dissolve after a minute or so, which I must say is excellent as it allows you to know when its time to rinse it off. It doesn't have an over powering scent which is great. Only downside is that it can get abit messy if using it over the wash basin but that's nothing to complain about when the results is this good. I would definitely recommend.
As it is a limited discontinued product I got 2 tubes, at 100ml each I have enough to last me a long time. But I really do hope MAC, in the near future, decide to continue this great product because I know many others and myself would be returning for more. I also got a few more eyeshadows in Beautiful Iris, Concrete, Goldmine and Silver Ring.

Lastly, my mum's friend just came back from China/Hong Kong recently and I didn't know my mum had asked her to buy this product for me. Its all in chinese so I don't know the name of it (being an ashamedly poor reader of the language).
I've always wanted a paler face complexion as from my neck upwards is a lot darker than the rest of my body. Plus paler skin makes one look younger and gives a fresh and clean appearance which is why I dislike the summer and always try to avoid the sun's uv rays as much as I can. Sometime last year I realised my mum's face/complexion was getting lighter and this was the product she was using.
Its a three step process which consist of a day cream/moisturiser, a pearl powder cream (pearl powder is known to having whitening properties) which is used after the day cream and then the night cream which is of an oilier consistency.
I have been using this for a few days now and although I haven't seen any whitening effects yet, I have noticed a change in my overall complexion. Its still early days so as long as I don't get any bad reactions from this I will keep using it for another month or 2 and see how things will turn out. Also, look how pretty the packaging is ^^

Lastly, my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner today and she had a little gift for me. After hearing great reviews and bro's gf rave about how good Majorlica Majorca mascara (by Shiseido) is, I kept going on about wanting to try it out aswel. So she gave me one in 'Lash gorgeous wing' (I think that's what its called), I will be trying it out and if its as good as it claims I shall be getting my friend to get me more when he goes to HK soon as it is not available in UK and abit too pricey online.

Pictures from fashion show: (will enlarge pictures and upload some videos when I have the time)

Oh yeah, I also saw Nicky Hambleton-Jones there. I actually walked past her several times not realising it was her. She looks so much prettier and younger in person and might I add looking quite heavily pregnant aswel.