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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Overdued Update.. + E.L.F Haul

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Its been over 2 weeks since I last made a blogpost. August has been such a busy month but I have finally found some time to reconnect with my blog again hehe. So many birthdays this month its starting to burn a big hole in my pockets, cant wait to go back to studying and getting paid to do so lols.

I've been to Ikea a couple times this month to see if I could find my green bed but nothing, but I saw a potential bed that I could paint green. I think I'm starting to like the idea of painting than to look for one that is already green. Looking at TwinY's blog (www.pinky-x.blogspot.com), I'm so loving the wall sticker idea and will start looking around online for some myself ^^.

Anyways, all that aside, lets get back to the main topic. I finally placed my order with elf last week as they were doing a £5 off £25 spend. I cant rave about the delievery service they provide enough because everytime I place my order before 5pm I am sure to recieve the package the very next morning, happy happy hehe.

So as mentioned previously I have been waiting for elf's studio line to launch because I've heard excellent reviews about it and just had to get my hands on some. I adore the packaging for the studio line, they seem more professional and the big mirrors inside the compacts makes it easier to apply the products:

. elf studio powder brush - I've heard so much about the powder brush and have seen many use it for foundation so I'm going to give that a try.

. tone correcting concealer in light - I love their tone correcting concealer, I only use it to conceal my dark circles and it just melts into the skin giving excellent coverage I've used my first one so purchased another

. studio mini eyelash curler - I love their reuglar eyelash curlers so thought I'll try this mini one and it really does make a difference, now I can curl every lash and make my my eyes seem bigger.

. mineral lipstick in nicely nude - I have other colours but was waiting for this one because I love nudes. It's more of a natural pink than a nude in my opinion but its nice.

. studio brow kit in dark - I'm loving this! I've been using it everyday now and the colour is just spot on! very natural =]

. studio waterproof lengthening and volumising mascara in black - This mascara doesn't really make a difference to my lashes but it does make a good primer for when I apply my other mascara as it nicely separates each lash. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this again.

. nail polish in mod mauve and nude - I was contemplating about getting more elf nail polishes and previous purchases were abit of a let down. But I must say these two colours are lovely especially the nude one as it looks natural on its own and makes a great base for doing french tips.

Finally are the face compacts that were the main reason I was looking forward to the launch of the studio line.

(top, L-R)
. studio blush and bronzer compact - Love the colours, very pigmented and natural and very easy to work with. The bronzer is also great for contouring/defining the cheek bones. The blush gives off a natural pink flush to the cheeks. The compact is bigger than I expected so for £3.50 its a great buy for quality and quantity.

. studio complexion perfect compact - I haven't tried this yet but will do when I find out how to use it.

(bottom, L-R)
. Bronzer compacts in golden and warm - I also havent had the chance to try these out yet but judging from the blush and bronzer compact I'm sure I'll love these ^^.

Thats the end of my elf haul. Update on current faves coming up next. =]

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Green, Green and more Green

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My love for the colour green.

Just a random picture post of my much loved green belongings.

L-R: NDS Lite; SE K660i; iPod Nano 3rd Gen; iPod Shuffle; Sony T2 Digicam (not pictured)

1st up would be my must haves&can't live without gadgets. Oh and my huggable pillow also pictured ^^.

Right picture, my quite messy desk. Featuring; laptop, pc, gadgets, cooling fridge, mostly used cosmetics && currently reading 'Wicked'

Left Picture, green wall, perfume shelf and also caught in the picture my Samsung tv that matches my pc monitor ^^

Green Blinds, on my yellow window wall (not so clear), I've had them for almost a year and my dad finally decided to help me put them up 3days ago haha!.

Last, but definitely not least, my green desk chair from ikea.

Sad Times:

I loveeeeee my NDS Lite. But a week ago a terrible unfortunate incident happened.
As much as I tried to hide it everytime my 1 particular 3 year old cousin comes over, I accidentally let my guards down and he got hold of it witout me knowing.

When I got it back I flipped it open and realised something wasnt right, to my horror a piece had broken off from the hinge area (as pictured in 1 and 2). So now the top screen is really loose and usually it would stand at an angle but it opens flat out (last picture on right).

Its going to fly to Hong Kong next month for fixing, but if they cant fix it I'll just have to buy another. I hope they cme out with a green NDSi otherwise I'll have to buy the exact same one to the above again. (fingers crossed)

Thats the end to my rambling for today, now I'm ready to go out and do some 'window' shopping. ;]

Update: Mini Haul

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After being reminded by someone that I've started to neglect my blog again, I've decided to post somethiing lols.

Let's see whats new (seriously got to calm down on the spending).

So I decided to change my skin care products just a tad and try somethingn new, I went to Superdrug (its like one of my must-go-in shops haha and I seriously think they should consider doing loyalty reward cards similar to Boots, yes?) I picked up some stuff whilst trying to avoid the cosmetic sections lol.

I got more Montagne Jeunesse mask packs cos I just get enough of these stuff. They smell great, very inexpensive and work wonders. I especially love the 'Peel-Off Masque' because its fun to watch it dry and fun to peel off too haha.

I also picked up a couple of Clarity Skin Rescue products (exclusive to and by Superdrug).
Blackhead Cleanser with Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel. Its claims :
"Rapid action kills spots and balckheads, helps prevent new spots and blackheads forming. Clears pores and removes dirt, oil and make up"

Rapid Results Treatment Cream with Salicylic Acid. It claims:
Visibly clearer skin within 3 days. Rapid action kills spots and blackhead. Intensive spot treatment with targeted action.

Been using these as part of my skin care routine and so far im loving them, I can actually see a difference and costing less than £2 each I would say its money more than well spent ^^.

As previously mentioned, I purchased the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation (NC30). After using it once it seemed abit too dark (as I've been trying to keep my skin naturally pale) and it broke me out bad!! :[ And it cost me £19 so I decided to exchange it (seeing as I brought it at Westfield but went HoF in Bluewater, I was only allowed exchange and not refund). So I exchanged it for MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC25 @£22 (as pictured). I've only tested it but I like the matte finish it gives. Hopefully this one wont break me out.

Also from MAC I got the cleansing oil. Its the 1st cleansing oil I've ever purchased and its definitely a thumbs up. It seriously removes every trace of make up without much effort. Priced at £15 its definitely cheaper than the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier that I've been looking to try. Maybe next time.

MAC Colour Crafted lipstick from their Colour Craft collection is definitely sold out everywhere I've looked. I'm sooo not a happy bunny about that, I was only 1 week late in getting it from launch day but thats mega fast. Damn all those who has one lols.*sighs*.

Thats all for now *I think* too much shopping haha. But its what I do best ;] I still have too many unchecked items on my 'to buy' list.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


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Sorting out my music files on external hard drive (its almost full with just my music files) and also having a major clear out.

The Story goes:
My brother has finally signed the contract for his new house so he shall be moving out and in with his gf (of 8years so it was about time lol) within the next two weeks which means yay for me. Since he moved back from uni a good few years ago I had to share my room with one of the twins which was and still is a nightmare, so Im more than 0over the moon to get my room back. Finally getting rid of the bunk bed for goood and arrange my room to my own taste and style.

Already posted.
I spent the morning writing a beauty related post but my digicam battery died on me so its charging right now, I have to wait to upload pictures before posting.

Be Right Back.