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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Overdued Update.. + E.L.F Haul

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Its been over 2 weeks since I last made a blogpost. August has been such a busy month but I have finally found some time to reconnect with my blog again hehe. So many birthdays this month its starting to burn a big hole in my pockets, cant wait to go back to studying and getting paid to do so lols.

I've been to Ikea a couple times this month to see if I could find my green bed but nothing, but I saw a potential bed that I could paint green. I think I'm starting to like the idea of painting than to look for one that is already green. Looking at TwinY's blog (www.pinky-x.blogspot.com), I'm so loving the wall sticker idea and will start looking around online for some myself ^^.

Anyways, all that aside, lets get back to the main topic. I finally placed my order with elf last week as they were doing a £5 off £25 spend. I cant rave about the delievery service they provide enough because everytime I place my order before 5pm I am sure to recieve the package the very next morning, happy happy hehe.

So as mentioned previously I have been waiting for elf's studio line to launch because I've heard excellent reviews about it and just had to get my hands on some. I adore the packaging for the studio line, they seem more professional and the big mirrors inside the compacts makes it easier to apply the products:

. elf studio powder brush - I've heard so much about the powder brush and have seen many use it for foundation so I'm going to give that a try.

. tone correcting concealer in light - I love their tone correcting concealer, I only use it to conceal my dark circles and it just melts into the skin giving excellent coverage I've used my first one so purchased another

. studio mini eyelash curler - I love their reuglar eyelash curlers so thought I'll try this mini one and it really does make a difference, now I can curl every lash and make my my eyes seem bigger.

. mineral lipstick in nicely nude - I have other colours but was waiting for this one because I love nudes. It's more of a natural pink than a nude in my opinion but its nice.

. studio brow kit in dark - I'm loving this! I've been using it everyday now and the colour is just spot on! very natural =]

. studio waterproof lengthening and volumising mascara in black - This mascara doesn't really make a difference to my lashes but it does make a good primer for when I apply my other mascara as it nicely separates each lash. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this again.

. nail polish in mod mauve and nude - I was contemplating about getting more elf nail polishes and previous purchases were abit of a let down. But I must say these two colours are lovely especially the nude one as it looks natural on its own and makes a great base for doing french tips.

Finally are the face compacts that were the main reason I was looking forward to the launch of the studio line.

(top, L-R)
. studio blush and bronzer compact - Love the colours, very pigmented and natural and very easy to work with. The bronzer is also great for contouring/defining the cheek bones. The blush gives off a natural pink flush to the cheeks. The compact is bigger than I expected so for £3.50 its a great buy for quality and quantity.

. studio complexion perfect compact - I haven't tried this yet but will do when I find out how to use it.

(bottom, L-R)
. Bronzer compacts in golden and warm - I also havent had the chance to try these out yet but judging from the blush and bronzer compact I'm sure I'll love these ^^.

Thats the end of my elf haul. Update on current faves coming up next. =]

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  1. Wow an update ^^ ... you bought a LOT more studio stuff than i did and hey i got the mod mauve polish too but i dont like that colour!! It's not as pink as i thought it would be or how it looked like on the website ¬__¬ ... dodgy!

    anywho ... i blog the whole week in one go on the weekened cos that's the only time i can do it and plus then i only have to plug my phone to my pc only once to transfer the photos over ^^ Im just lazy that way ^^

    but yeh i havent really been testing out the egyptian magic ... but i did dig out a whole chunk of it and use it from head to toe but it's really oily! it's not something i would use daily! and plus my scars are naturally disappearing now so i dont realy have a proper use for the cream! any ideas ?

    Also i got my wall sticker from ebay user: rubyruby76 ^^ I only got mine cos i saw the one that bubzbeauty got on her wall in her youtube vids and thought it looked really cool! Lol!

    anywho ... i will be doing so more shopping this weekend :P ... any ideas on stuff i should buy and try that you would reccomend?