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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Green, Green and more Green

Currently Listening to: FT Island - Bad Woman

My love for the colour green.

Just a random picture post of my much loved green belongings.

L-R: NDS Lite; SE K660i; iPod Nano 3rd Gen; iPod Shuffle; Sony T2 Digicam (not pictured)

1st up would be my must haves&can't live without gadgets. Oh and my huggable pillow also pictured ^^.

Right picture, my quite messy desk. Featuring; laptop, pc, gadgets, cooling fridge, mostly used cosmetics && currently reading 'Wicked'

Left Picture, green wall, perfume shelf and also caught in the picture my Samsung tv that matches my pc monitor ^^

Green Blinds, on my yellow window wall (not so clear), I've had them for almost a year and my dad finally decided to help me put them up 3days ago haha!.

Last, but definitely not least, my green desk chair from ikea.

Sad Times:

I loveeeeee my NDS Lite. But a week ago a terrible unfortunate incident happened.
As much as I tried to hide it everytime my 1 particular 3 year old cousin comes over, I accidentally let my guards down and he got hold of it witout me knowing.

When I got it back I flipped it open and realised something wasnt right, to my horror a piece had broken off from the hinge area (as pictured in 1 and 2). So now the top screen is really loose and usually it would stand at an angle but it opens flat out (last picture on right).

Its going to fly to Hong Kong next month for fixing, but if they cant fix it I'll just have to buy another. I hope they cme out with a green NDSi otherwise I'll have to buy the exact same one to the above again. (fingers crossed)

Thats the end to my rambling for today, now I'm ready to go out and do some 'window' shopping. ;]


  1. nooooooooooooo ... not green! lol!

    and omg another twinY moment : i'm waiting for the NDSi to come out as well (in pink not green lol!)

    anywho ... u no the gwen stefani perfumes ... i've only smelt one of them but i cant rememeber which one but it was NICE! BUT they would be way more cooler if you can pull their heads off instead of the entire doll to use the perfume ... just a thought ^^

  2. neglecting again lol!

    anywho... i wanted to buy lush's helping hand hand cream cos it's pink but wen i went there it was NOT pink!!! it was more like eewww! but yeh they did have a promotion something like spend £20 and get on product free but i will purchase it online instead ^^

    oh and i finally tested out 1 set of lashes... and the elf glue was crappy .. didnt last longer than an hour! :(

    also, did u send the package 2 me bcos i receieved 1 today and duno who it's from... it didnt go through my post box (-__-") lol! Ive already recieved all the stuff i bought online so it can't be those. but if it's not u then it mite have been my cousin.

    how the hell can u get a green bed? o__0 ... dont u mean get green sheets for your bed? ... i use all pink 1s but my headboard is blue :S

    and shoppping is not an illness ... it's a healthy exercise! lol!

  3. still neglecting i c ... i swear if i keep msg-ing 2 u on here ur gna end up with a post with like 100 comments from me lol!

    Anywho ... just wna say thank you for the stuff u sent me (i actually did a post on it ^^) ... i duno where you got all that tissue paper from lol! ...

    I havent tried the lashes on for a whole day yet ... ill probably do so when i can stay at home for the whole day so that if they fall off then it wouldn't be embarassing ! lol! the only other lashes that i have apart from all the elf ones are from alyure ... got dem from superdrugs .. just hope their glue is better! i still need to test them out but haven;t got a lot of spare time lately!

    Good luck with the search for a green bed ... although i do like ur paintig idea... mite need to try that myself ^^