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Friday, 23 October 2009

Its been a long time

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Wow, its been nearly two months since my last blog entry since having my internet changeover. During that time, I've been busy sorting out my room since my brother has moved out and I've taken his room. I've never realised how much junk I had until moving day! I was more shocked about the fact that everything was able to fit in my old room (as it is smaller than my current). Finally everything is now in place (except for one little box of stuff that I haven't find a place for).

Especially loving my vanity table/area which I customised. (see picture below)

Everything was purchased from Ikea. I still need some ideas of how to customise my mirror as it looks too plain, was thinking of rhinestones all around the edge..? The table is actually a laptop desk that could slide out to reveal a little compartment underneath with holes in it to put your laptop cables and what-nots through to reach power sockets. Not too clear in the picture but that's where I store my ghd and dryers. Convenient, yes? ^^

On top I just store hair stuff, perfumes and everyday cosmetics. (Bit of a mess after rushing out this morning)

Anyways enough about that, I've done abit of shopping over the time I was away from the virtual world.

Firstly, I went into MAC (as we do) and grabbed myself 2 eyeshadows in Hush which is a pearly pink and Satin Taupe which is like a silvery bronze brown. These are my first ever MAC shadows that I brought myself, there were so many to choose from, I wanted them all!! LOLs.

Next I brought 2 lipsticks in Hue and Snob. I'm not a pink person but I like these colours.

Need to make another trip to MAC, Nude Rose in the Dsquared2 is eye-catching and there are hot reviews on the Style black Volcanic ash exfoliator and thermal mask, very tempting.

Moving on from make-up, while shopping I picked up a few of these from Dorothy Perkins. They are versatile accessories, can be used as neck ties, wristbands or headbands and I just decided to pick up all the colours I saw. A guilty purchase, as they cost £9 each =S.

I also saw this watches in Argos and just had to get my hands on them. Priced at £9.99 I'll say that's a bargain. There are about 6 colours(?) but I only got the black and white one as pictured. These give my more expensive watches a break after I made a noticeable scratch on one ='[.
They look quite similar to the Chanel J12 watch but Chanel J12 is just out of my league and wont be able to talk myself into spending that much on a watch anyways, unless I win the lottory! =D

I really hate Royal Mail and their continuous strikes, it messes up everything (in terms of mail). Well I went to the delivery office this morning to sign for a recorded letter that I missed, couldn't think of what it could have been. I opened it to find out it was my tickets to 'The Glam Show' woohoo!! Can't wait to go to it next weekend. Its a fashion/beauty exhibition/show in associations with Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who will be there to give tips and advice. Sounds like its going to be alot of fun. Have you got yours? ^^

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