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Friday, 23 October 2009

Its just dragging now (movies)

How shocked was I when I first saw the trailer to Saw 6?! Very! I seriously thought it was stopping at 5. I don't really want to watch it but having watched the rest already I feel like I MUST watch this one.

1 and 2 was good, 3 was just excellently gruesome, 4 just couldn't compare to the previous and was somewhat starting to get boring(?).

Saw5 was just plain crap, my mind was literally drifting off elsewhere and I could have sworn that I fell asleep with my eyes open for a few seconds lols. After so many previous ones it just seemed like it was repeating itself and I felt like I was able to guess what happens and how things end. I'll just have to wait for Saw6, definitely not anticipating.

Like the sequels to Final Destination and Fast&Furious. Couldn't these producers put the money to good use and come out with something new and refreshing?

One film I'm looking forward to is New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. I am currently trying to finish reading the book before the launch of the film. I loved Twilight which was in cinemas last year. After having recently reading the book, I was somewhat disappointed only that they could have add more into the film from the book. But Robert Pattison was just yum ^^

Oh oh and Alice in wonderland. Need I say more? Hehe.

I want to watch The imaginarium of doctor parnassus? Anyone seen it yet and would recommend? Johnny Depp never disappoints =]

Also still need to watch Harry Potter. It is one movie I'll never watch in cinema because I know for sure I'll be getting it on DVD, so that'll go on the shopping list.
Anyways thats just a 'little' movie rant I wanted to share.

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  1. HEY! ur back ^^ ... lol! I totally agree with u on the whole Saw series ... it got boring after 3 but i still wanna go see it just bcos I've seen all the rest ^^

    Anywho ... i actually went back 2 Yo! sushi today ... will blog about it later 2day after i upload some pics and stuff!

    Have u purchased ur grren bed yet? lol! these damn postal strikes lately are killing my online shopping mood! ... Scare i wont receieve my packages ... and its going to be christmas soon!