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Monday, 2 November 2009

Mundane Monday

The UK weather has recently taken a dramatic change, now it really feels like winter is here. Due to these changes my nails are suffering, they are either dry, chipping or even worse splitting. So I've decided to give them a trim and even them out. Does anyone know off a good treatment/conditioner for nail?

I've been getting abit bored of monotone looking nails so played around with some of the limited stash of polishes I currently own (reminding myself that I must get more colours). I went for white polka dots this time as you could see (multi coloured dots on the thumb, not pictured)

Off to finish reading 'New Moon'. Anyone else looking forward to the movie? I certainly am ^^

Coffee sends his greetings,
He doesn't like fireworks and barks crazily when they go off. Same time. Different Year.

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