"Write it as Failure, Read it as Experience"

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free standard delivery on all UK MAC orders until midnight Saturday. Enter 'FREESHIP09' at checkout.


  1. Hey love (: Thanks so much for following my blog! <3

  2. twiny! i kno i should be revising atm but i really cant be bothered anymore... just want xmas to come soon! ^^

    I've been using the whitestrips for 6 days now and i haven't notice any like big difference. My teeth does look brighter but i'm wondering if they are really working or it's just me thinking it must be working since my teeth is getting really sensitive everyday and so something must be happening! Well... it's a 2 weeks regime so i'm gonna stick it out and see what happens! will let u no! ^^

    so how have u been? and btw wat's with the orange ipod player? i thought u would have selected a green ipod! :P

    I've been planning on what 2 get ppl for xmas ever since sept/oct time lol! so that's y all my xmas shopping is done! ^^

    also ... btw The body shop is offering a 25% off voucher (print this


    ) ... ends sun 13th dec ... well that's if u like the body shop stuff :P

  3. woooh my comment is longer den ur post :P

    I just realised y u changed ur player ... stupid mixpod... no wonder y no music was playing on my page! lol!