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Thursday, 3 December 2009

December Rambles

NDS Crime Scenes
Haii, been sooo hooked onto this game for the past couple of days but have already completed it. They need to make these games last a lot longer. Once I start these mystery/puzzle games I literally don't stop (well until I complete it). On the hunt for another game, any recommendations?

December has approached us and its only occurred to me that there is like 28 days to go before we wave goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010. Not quite ready for it yet, feels like the year as flown past without any accomplishments. Definitely did not keep to any of my new years resolutions for 2009, shamefully. Now 2010 is approaching I'm starting to think of resolutions that are more realistic.

Has anyone managed to achieve any resolutions they made at the beginning of the year and are there any you look forward to making for 2010?

First attempt at making sushi.


  1. you made that?? it looks great!! My sushi turns out deformed lol.

    -I did, I tried to make my social life around for the better and try harder to be more outgoing. For once in my life I managed to do somethin right :)

  2. Thanks for following girl! I followed back.

    BTW; I'm not ready for 2010 either. I achieved SOME things...but not all. /: Hopefully 2010...it'll be different. I hope you will achieve your goals too!


  3. not ready for 2010 either... i still find it sooo weird how we're already TEN YEARS in to the new millenium ;)

    with the resolutions, i honestly dont bother anymore :P i stick to mine for a good week then i either forget about it orrr lose interest lol

    yummy sushi!! i suck at making sushi! mine always end up overstuffed anddd sooo hard to roll lol


  4. Nice.. I haven't played that game before :P I always can get so addicted to puzzle games :P

    haha.. I don't think i'm that organized to even have a new years resolution :P
    I have no self discipline! :P

    the sushi looks really good :) how did it taste? you made a lot :)