"Write it as Failure, Read it as Experience"

Sunday, 3 January 2010

"A piece of me..." in January 2010

Yes, I have finally decided to join the game that most of you probably know was started by Shirley at http://notesfromthetoothfairy.blogspot.com
. Check out her blog for more info on the rules of the game. So let's begin:

This month

I like: That my kitchen, bathroom and toilet will be under major construction work from the 5th.

I don't like: That my new year started with me being really ill.

I want you to know: That I have set myself some really high goals to reach and have never felt more determined to make things happens for myself this year. (yn)

I've planned: To start taking driving lessons again, soon.

I want to say to someone special: Thank you *smiles brightly*

Now why not share a piece of you and see how things change over each month.


  1. Ohhh exciting! I would love to get the kitchen and bathroom refurbished! I can live with a normal looking room but kitchen and bathroom, I want a new one that will be easy to clean. You know when you start fresh, it is easier to keep it clean rather than old full of grease ones.

    Aww I hope you get well soonie!


  2. Aww thank you for your kind wishes!

    I think the lipstick looks a bit light there coz I applied a light amount, and I had blistex underneath it as well which may also be why. Or even maybe coz my lips are of certain shade? Though applying it little goes a long way. You should definitely pick it up! Now I gotta find a coral/peachy lipstick, gonna be a hard one coz Revlon doesn't have any of that colour >_<


  3. Thanks for joining my little game!

    Sorry that you feel sick already, hope you recover soon! And good luck with the driving lessons, nail that exam in the end and buy yourself a fine ride...