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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Getting crafty

So recently I decided to finally whip out my sewing machine for the 1st time ever which was given to me Christmas 2008. Its actually less complicated than I thought and now I'm trying to find inspirations to make stuff using it.

After testing it out a few times on bits of material I found around the house I made a cover for my machine to keep dust away. I know it looks very simple but I am extremely delight with the outcome of the bow ^^. Just need to get more thread and fabric in different colours. Anyone know of a good place to look?

Whilst doing some sale shopping in Bluewater I came across an arts/craft shop that I have never noticed before. They actually have a wide range of products from jewellery/card making to paints, pens, brushes, books and more. I found myself spending almost 30mins in there.

4 textiles pens and a tube of pva glue and a spatula. There was so much more I wanted to buy and look at but was being rushed by the shoppers I was shopping with. They also have an online store so check it out if you are interested.

Other stuff I brought online over the past week (being ill at home meant a lot of time for online shopping lols).

Some fabric paint and a 25pc brush and sponge set both from ebay.

Some newbie doodling I did on old clothing garments. I used the textile pens on the green top and fabric paint on the cream top.

Back to the drawing board and brainstorm some ideas. Ciao~


  1. hey, thanks for the following!
    Do you live near Bluewater? come visit me next time, i work in Topshop (FML)
    lol x

  2. Hey Girl, customising clothes is the bestt ^--^, i normally change the way mine looks when I get real bored. Normally black fabric paint of bows or even ripping it up hahaha >;]

    EBAY!! ^^