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Monday, 25 January 2010

Love from HK

Recently my cousin's partner went to Hong Kong and I just had to ask him to get me some skincare products that I have been wanting to get my hands on and this is what he came back with.

I have been a Laneige junkie ever since I started using a couple of their products over the past 3 months(?) which has cleared up my skin dramatically. I received:

. Laneige Pore trouble skin refiner (love!)
. Laneige Strawberry yoghurt peeling gel
. Laneige Strawberry yoghurt pack (yum)
. Laneige Water sleeping pack plus
. Tony Moly Berry Berry cherry whitening sleeping pack x 2
. Japanese brand face mask in cherry and apple
. Fashion/Beauty magazines
. Portable speakers (green matching my ipods ^^)
. Huge pack of dried mango and Shredded squid (yummilicious!)

I did ask for a few more Laneige products but they were sold out so boohoo. Had some friends over last night and they almost finished the dried mangoes. Do they even have such big packets in London?
I definitely can't wait to try all these out especially the whitening packs and mask as I'm trying to aim for a brighter complexion. Does anyone else know of a good/effective whitening/brightening product that they could recommend?

Can you believe I have never visited Hong Kong before? It shocks everyone I tell but it's true and don't worry I definitely know what I am missing out. I have already started to make plans with friends to go there early next year and I'm determined to make it happen!!! Just thinking about it now makes me excited ^^.

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  1. i love dried mangos :D i always buy them from the asian supermarket but i know what you mean.. i can only find tiny packets!

    have you tried Papaya soap btw? Thats good for skin whitening