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Monday, 27 July 2009

Weekend Goodies =] [Picture heavy]

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So, over the weekend I did a 'bit' of shopping going to Lakeside shopping centre and Ikea on Saturday and Westfield shopping centre on Sunday. My main aim was to get the Colour Crafted lipstick from MAC but to my very, very, veryyyy disappointment it was sold out everywhere I looked! *Grrrr*. I would have been satisfied to throughout the weekend if all I brought was the lipstick. Guess I'll just have to keep looking and/or ask others to keep a look out for me.

Anyways, disappointment aside, I did spend a little more than expected as I was saving to buy stuff from E.L.F's studio line but oh well the damage has been done and I've no regrets lols..Only showing beauty stuff:

. Nivea lip care - Repair & Protec
tion (back up)
. Radox Shower Smoothies (smells nice enough to drink)
. MAC Studio Finish concealer in
. MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC30
. MAC Fix+
MAC Fluidline in Black Track
. Collection 2000 Shimmer&Shade in 1.Pink me up

I still need to try all these out but already loving Fix+, concealer and fluidline =].

I also received some online goodies int he post this morning and some from last week.

. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
. MAC Minieralized Skin Finish Natural in Light-Medium
. Revlon Matte Lipsticks in Pink About It and Nude Attitude
. MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC20

Still yet to try out these products. But the MAC MSF Natural arrived shattered in the post! ><>

Anywho, next are a few other things I thought I'll post up here.

. (Top) 3 long necklaces I got from TopShop.
. (Bottom) My little collection of similar Necklaces.

I love my long necklaces, especially ones like the above. The 3 in the top picture were in the summer sale, I got them for £3 each oppose to £8-£12 each, I would call that a bargain, yes?

I have this little drink cooler in my room which can be seen that it is not used to cool drinks lols. As the weather in London last month was scorching hot I realised my Egytian Magic cream started to melt. I did try searching for a cosmetic cooler but they where too expensive, so with a shining lightbulb above my head, I thought of a drink cooler. Purchased from Argos originally £19.99 but when taken to the till I was told its on sale for £13. It works wonders, I also store my toner, aloe gel, eye creams and moisturiser in there to keep it soothingly cool everytime i use them ^^.

. Lush Grease Lightening (sample)

Last but not least, while shopping over the weekend I came across Lush in Lakeside. I've seem a few reviews on this product and was actually planning to buy it there and then, but the helpful sales lady offered me a sample that would last me about a week or two. I've used it for the past 2 days applying it in the morning and at night after cleansing my face. But already I'm liking it.
I had a tiny blemish right on my jaw line so I applied the gel formula once at night and the next morning it reduced the spot to almost nothing. Taking note that it was a really small and not too noticable spot. I think I'll keep using it until I finish the sample before deciding if I should purchase the full size product.

I shall be on the hunt for MAC Colour Crafted Lipstick and ordering stuff from ELF Studio Line next.


  1. no wonder u said u can't buy some elf stuff yet ... look at the stuff u got recently lol!... but im totally loving ur fridge idea ... i needa get me 1 of those (but in pink ofc)... i wna put ice cream in mine ... wait hold on i need a freezer for that hahahaha! Oh and have u tried ur MAC Fluidline yet? is it good? I wna get that or the stila smudge pots ^^

    So yeah after findin out the postman wasn't on strike, i was on a shoppin roll ^^ Speakin of elf, i wna get there body stuff : u no da body lotions ^^ and yeh their eye stuff do suck! their liquid eyeliner STINKS! it smells even worse than paint and i usually like the smell of paint! and i cant wait for my order to arrive cos i got some eyelashes 2 try out .. any tips on how 2 stick them on?

    My other aim rite now is 2 find my own everyday look for work which is really hard since i aint no morning person and i spend most of work yawning so my eyes water and i rub them so if i had eye makeup on i would look like a total panda!!! But i will do a 24hour test with the Barry M eyeliner i got cos it's suppose 2 be smudgeproof and waterproof! ^^

    and shock shock horror horror : I'm not on a hunt for a joey anymore!!! ... im starting to like the names jamie and aaron LOL! (not that i know anyone with those names hahaha ... haii ... if only i did lol!)

    so yeh erm ... cant rmemeber what else i had to say lol!

    p.s. o yeh i still needa email u my addy .. will do it after i post this ^^

  2. *tut tut* twinY *tut tut*!... neglectin again lol!

    the barry M eyeliners are EXCELLENTE! they are smudgeproof ... well the are more smudgeproof than the Gosh ones that i have (the velvet touch ones) .. takes me a while takin them off with my makeup remover wipes as well! I fink i mite be tempted to buy all their other colours as well! ^^ However .. the pink doesn't really suit me :O :O :O !!! When im tired my eyes are pink and with the eyeliner it makes it look even more pink!!! ... but i will MAKE IT WORK! LOL! also on Barry M ... I LOVE THAT LIPSTICK COLOUR ... its totally me!! ^^ i wore lipgloss over it and it turned my chopsticks pink! lol! So pretty :P

    What lipstick r u lookin for ? I mean colour ... have u tried their website? oh and is the mac fluidline smudge/water proof? Hey do u have monolids? ... (that was kinda random :P)

    I heard the elf glue is ghey too .. but i have eylure lashes too and so ill probably use elf glue for 1 eye and eylure glue for the other .. just to see what;s the difff... o yeh speakinf of monolids ... aren't they better 4 false eyelashes cos the fold under so it would hold the lashes in place more?

    p.s. the mp3 player i have do do a green ^^ ... lol (do do) ... but the player isn't so good ... just enough for basic needs as it has no suffle button or bass control ... and i bought better headfones for them too! ^^

    Can't wait to get my elf stuff from the post office 2mora! ^^