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Monday, 20 July 2009

Egyptian Magic and Indian Healing Clay

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My skin has broken out like crazy over the past 3-4 months, so bad that I cant stand to look at it :[. It must have been the O'slee products I was trying because thats when it started but I didnt think that was the cause of the break out until it got a little out of hand *hmph*. I've now stopped using them and have been trying so hard to find a product that could effectively help clear my skin.

Egyptian Magic Cream

One day I came across a couple of review videos from youtube gurus bubzbeauty and iamgrape1119 (I'm a hugggeeee fan btw) about the Egyptian Magic cream. After watching the reviewws and doing a little research on the product myself I knew I just had to get it! I've been using it for almost a month now and I have got to say that my skin is starting to improve. Although it hasnt cleared my skin completely yet, I have stopped breaking out and can see a huge improvement. I am left with quite abit of scarring but even that is starting to show some positive changes. I might even purchase a back-up of the cream.

Although it is mainly available in usa, but it could be purchased on ebay and some other UK sites.

Indian Healing Clay Mask

I was also looking for a new face mask as the O'slee one was not working for me when I came across a review for this product (I forgot where I got the review from). I only got this a week ago so have only used it once. I will probably give it a few more weeks or a month before giving my thoughts on this product. But no problems has occured since the first usage.

Ciao =]

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  1. lol.. have u not seen my pink obsession blog yet ...lol! ... i have so much more to add to it but just got lazy since i prefer to update my other blogs and im getting so behind ... that's why i've just finished doing holiday posts lol! ... im still like a week behind!

    anywho ... apart from updating my blogs i have nothing else interesting going on ... well i am waiting for summer to arrive in london but dat doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon ¬__¬"

    oh and also i bought the elf products just a random testers lol!... i just use them to doodle on my face ahahahha! but i do have other make up now ... become a make up addict 2 .. so much that i mite end up having surgery on my eye next year 2 get rid of my defected tear duct (well not exactly getting rid of it but fixing it!)

    oh& omg i SO wanna try this cream (egyptian magic) out ... how much didd u get it for?

    p.s. another twiny moment: we both watcth bubzbeauty and imagrape119 on youtube lol! ... im actually waiting 4 bubzbearty's tshirt line to come out ... and i actually bought some dsk jewellery (waiting for it 2 be delivered)!!!

    Keep posting ^^ lol!