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Sunday, 7 February 2010

First blog award..!

Katie kindly awarded me my first ever blog award (not that I think I deserve it as my bog is very lacking) But make sure to check out her awesome blog and follow if you like what you see :]. Thank you Katie.

- Post award on your blog
- Link the person who has given you the award
- Pass the award to 15 other blogs you've discovered
- Remember to contact the bloggers you've nominated.

1. Pinky-x
2. Dina Dayupay
3. Nicol
4. Linh
5. Thanh
6. Vicky
7. Sherr Bear
8. Mily
9. Lai Ying
10. Kevin
11. Sophie
12. U-Ung
13. LOLanne
14. e.motion in motion
15. Shan/Jess

There are too many awesome blogs out there so I, in no particular order, have listed 15 bloggers to tag. I'd like to award every single one of you that reads this post ^^ go and award others too =].


  1. Thank you!..
    Cant stop staring at ur page layout.. it soo pretty :D

    Shan x

  2. hello beautiful. Congratulations on the award & thank you for the award as well. xx

  3. Hey Twiny! ... hows u been?
    Thanks 4 da award hehehee ... If only i knew 15 blogs/bloggers to pass it on to ... well wen i do then i'll post it up. :P x


    <3 *muah* I have two assignments coming up so you'll have to wait until next weekend for it to show up on my blog >< but thank you linhy. Really, that you even read my blog at all is really kind of you.

  5. Hey Linhy!! im having a giveaway with Drey Jewelry! :) hope you can join the fun too :D!!
    Don't hesitate if you want XD!!!
    My link via my blog:


  6. Hey love~ Congrats and the award and thank you so much too ^__^ ♥

  7. awww thanks for the award Linhy :))


  8. oooh so thank u give my blog this award.!!put it soon in my blog...

  9. Aww. Thank you~ :-D That's so sweet of you!!!

    ~Sherr Bear ^_^

  10. P.S. I'm following you now too~ Didn't know that I wasn't... haha

  11. congrats on the award!! :)

  12. Aww thank you so much Linhyy!! Really appreciate it! *bows* teehee :D (sorry for the uber late reply >_<)


  13. Love your new layout too btw! Is it Twiggy? Hehe I just looked at some of her photographs in a gallery today ^_^


  14. thank yoou
    sorry i totally forgot about this
    i'll do this next blog i write.
    ive never actually commented on your blog i dont think >< sorry! but its very cute. love the layout :)